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Tsohost has been offering superb value for money web hosting since 2003. From our private hosting suite in an industry leading datacentre, using our multi-gigabit London Docklands network, Tsohost provides a wide range of virtual and dedicated hosting at affordable yet sustainable prices ensuring Tsohost’s stability in a highly competitive marketplace.


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- July 1, 2011 -

Stop looking for good hosting, TSOHost are it!

I have spent many an hour arguing with hosting companies in the past, I have used everyone from servage to 123reg, from 1&1 to Rackspace and without a doubt TSOHost exceed my expectations every time. Every host can bost 99.9% uptime and 10000GB free disk space, etc etc, but what sets a great host apart from the rest is the support when things go wrong. TSO are extremely quick to respond to support requests and lord knows I have made a few, but without exception each request was down to something I had mucked up rather than their service being at fault. When logging a call as critical through their web support the response is usually within the minute of it being logged and is always very helpful and friendly. I have been with them now for 6 years and will never move away.

- February 20, 2011 -


I've been using tsohost for about two years now to host both personal and client sites. I've never come across a more responsive and dedicated team. The support is provided is second to none, the grid hosting platform is intuitive and suitable for both beginners and pro's, and costs are the lowest I've found. Highly recommended.

- July 16, 2008 -

Good so far

Tsohost.co.uk is the best web host I've used in my experience on the internet over the past few years. My sites are fast and downtime is extremely rare to the point I can barely remember last time I had a problem. When I have had a problem, queries and things are solved in minutes rather than in hours or days like other hosting companies I've been with. All in all I'm very happy so far.