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The internet is changing the way we do business and interact with customer. How do you ensure that your business reaches its intended customers? Businesses are opting for .com domain registration because of the benefits that come with such a domain name.

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What is a .com Domain?

What is a .com domain registration used for?

It was originally created for commercial websites. However the .com is the most famous and popular domain extension. Being highly preferred for websites that require a global reach. Compared to country-specific extensions such as .uk or .au, research has shown that 75% of internet links end up in .com domains, which means that a .com domain name is highly valuable in a global market. It is common in the UK for sites to register both the domain and .com name.  

Who can register a .com domain name?

Research has shown that in the United States alone, 75% of websites have used the .com extension. While a .com domain registration name is important, there are some guidelines when picking the right domain name for your business. Non-profit organisations usually use .org, government websites will use .gov and educational websites use .edu.  

What are the benefits of a .com domain registration name?

  1. Credibility : Several factors make the .com domain registration name credible for a business. These include relevance of the domain name, recall-ability as well as the valuation. A site that is registered with a .com domain name is highly credible as compared to one with a .net, .biz or .org domain extension.
  2. Relevance : A .com domain registration name is relevant in the sense that, when an internet user searches the internet, browsers will show websites with .com domain registration names first. This is because most search engines are set to show .com domain names by default. This means that a business with a .com domain registration name is highly to get traffic.
  3. Recall-ability : If you get a .com domain registration name, the probability of customers and internet users recalling your website name is high. This means that your online assets are easily reachable since people are able to recall your business’s website unlike if you used other domain registration extensions.
  4. Valuation : The value of a .com domain name is high, in the event that you consider selling your .com domain registration name to a potential buyer. Valuation of such a domain name is higher than other domain names such as .net, .org or even .biz.
In a nutshell, a .com domain registration is most preferred for business websites to add professionalism to a business. While a .com domain registration name is essential, other domain names such as .net, .biz, .org are equally as important because they increase the businesses reach on the internet.